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March 21st, 2010

Baked a mocha sponge cake this evening.
Not a total success but hmmm... not bad for a 1st attempt.

Its really a nice experience when baking cake.
Need 100 percent concentration.(now I understand why my aunt used to shoo me away when she baked cakes shile I was still a kid)
Patience is also one of the important ingredient I think should be added to recipe.

While Im cleaning up the kitchen, I was already thinking of what cake to bake the next round.
A choco cake? Maybe a golden butter cake.
Or muffin!!! ITs Dawn's favourite!

Dawn loves the mocha sponge cake. But she said she preffered a choco cake.
Perhaps I should try choco muffin next round.

Mocha Sponge Cake
Just a very simple recipe and all could be done in just an hour including baking.

4 eggs
100g caster sugar
100g plain flour
100g melted butter
1/2 tsp of Mocha Essense

Whisk eggs, sugar and mocha flavour for 6 mins till creamy
Fold in sifted flour and use hand to mix, add melted butter
Pour batter into baking tin and bake 35 mins at 160deg

(no subject)

Ever wonder how it feels to be able to cuddle or loll on the clouds?
Yes, scientifically , it may not be possible... but wouldn't it be marvelous if we could do that?

Hmmm.... its definitely softer than my goose down pillows..

Simply beautiful and carefree!!!

March 18th, 2010

(no subject)


What if I clicked "NO" to an incoming ICQ chat request 10 years ago?
This question struck me as I was checking my emails on the net.

Life's full of choices.
Should I go ahead...Or should I not?

I was told that all things are predestined in life.
That is how much you can give and how much you will take... and WHO you will become friends with.

I'm glad I clicked "YES" to this special anonymous chat request!!

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